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Customised Wordpress Website/Redesign existing site
Premium Lifetime Plugins
Divi/Brizy Page Builder
SSL Certificate Installation
Premium Stock Images
Basic On-Page SEO
Custom SEO Strategy
Target SEO Keywords
On-Page Optimisation
Off-Page Optimisation
Site Speed Optimisation
Backlink Buildout
Business Citation Strategy
Site Health Audit
Monthly Website Audit
Google Business Profile optimisation
SEO Keyword Tracking and Reporting
Blog posts per month (2)
Google Business Profile posts per month (2)
Google Ads:
Keyword Research
Landing Page Creation or On-Page Optimisation
Ad Account Setup
Tracking Setup
Campaign Buildout

Campaign Optimisation

Google Analytics Tracking Setup and Monitor

Negative Keyword Management

Ongoing Optimisation and Improvement

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SEO Terms explained

Custom SEO Strategy

Involves creating a tailored plan to improve a website's visibility and ranking in search engine results, specifically designed to meet the unique needs and goals of that website. This strategy includes a mix of techniques such as keyword optimisation, content creation, link building, and technical improvements, all customized to the website's specific audience, industry, and competitive landscape. The aim is to increase organic traffic, enhance user engagement, and boost the website's overall online presence in a way that aligns with its specific business objectives.

Target SEO Keywords

Involves identifying and analysing words and phrases that potential customers are likely to use when searching for products, services, or content related to your website. This process helps in understanding the demand for certain keywords, the competition for these keywords, and the specific language customers use in search queries. Effective keyword research guides content creation and optimization strategies, aiming to improve search engine rankings and attract targeted traffic to the site.

On-Page Optimisation

Involves improving various elements directly on the website to enhance its visibility and ranking in search engine results. This includes optimising content, such as keywords, headings, and meta tags, and ensuring the site's structure and user experience are efficient and user-friendly. The goal is to make the website more attractive to search engines and users, resulting in better search rankings and increased user engagement.

Off-Page Optimisation

Refers to actions taken outside of your own website to impact your rankings within search engine results pages. This includes strategies like building backlinks from other reputable websites, social media marketing, and influencer collaborations to increase your site's credibility and exposure. The aim is to enhance the perception of a site's popularity, relevance, trustworthiness, and authority through external means, contributing to higher search rankings.

Site Speed Optimisation

Involves improving the loading time of web pages to enhance user experience and site performance. This can include reducing file sizes, optimising images, utilising browser caching, and improving server response times. Faster site speeds lead to better user engagement, improved engagement rates, and can positively influence a website's ranking in search engine results.

Backlink buildout

Involves creating links from other websites that direct users to your site, which are known as backlinks. This process is crucial for SEO as search engines view these links as a sign of the credibility and relevance of your website. Effective backlink buildout strategies include creating high-quality content that others want to link to, reaching out to relevant websites for link sharing, and participating in collaborations or guest blogging.

Business Citation Strategy

Involves listing your business details, like name, address, and phone number, on various online directories and platforms. This consistent presence across multiple sites, especially on local directories and industry-specific platforms, boosts the visibility and credibility of your business online. Effective citation strategies enhance local SEO, helping your business rank higher in location-based search queries and attract more local customers.

Site Health Audit

A comprehensive evaluation of various factors that affect the website's performance, user experience, and search engine rankings. This audit typically examines aspects such as site speed, mobile-friendliness, security, broken links, and SEO optimisations, including content and metadata quality. The goal is to identify and rectify any issues that hinder the website's functionality and effectiveness in attracting and retaining visitors.

Monthly Website Audit

The goal of a website audit is to pinpoint problems and opportunities, leading to actionable insights for optimising the site to enhance its visibility, user engagement, and overall effectiveness.

Google Business Profile optimisation

Involves updating and refining your business listing on Google to enhance its visibility and attractiveness to potential customers. This includes accurately providing business details like location, hours, contact information, and adding photos, updates, and responding to customer reviews. Effective optimisation of your Google Business Profile can improve your business's local search presence, making it easier for customers to find and engage with your business online.